Learn about the fascinating Native American culture and history of the Hopi and Navajo who have made these region their home for thousands of years. Spend the night in a traditional Navajo hogan, take a rafting trip down the Colorado River and experience the stunning vistas of Monument Valley.

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Enjoy an overnight Navajo Hogan stay

See the magnificent Monument Valley

Visit Canyon de Chelly

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Day 1

Las Vegas

Discover all Sin City has to offer.

Day 2

Las Vegas - Peach Springs

Cross Hoover Dam, a testimony to a country’s ability to construct monolithic projects in the midst of adverse conditions. Head east to Peach Springs, headquarters for the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

Day 3

Peach Springs

The only Indian owned and operated river rafting company in the canyon provides an unforgettable experience on the Colorado River - combining white water fun, hiking to Travertine Falls and a float between the majestic walls of the canyon. The Wildlife Conservation is home to herds of big horn sheep, mountain lions and bald eagles. A helicopter will whisk you back up to the canyon rim. (L)

Day 4

Peach Springs - Page/Lake Powell

Continue along famous Route 66. Visit Wupatki National Monument where the ancient Hopi gathered during the 1100s, gradually building this 100-room pueblo. Continue to Lake Powell, which has 96 major canyons or long bays, hundreds of secluded beaches and clear turquoise water.

Day 5

Lake Powell

In the morning enjoy a guided tour of famous Antelope Canyon. The afternoon is yours to explore Lake Powell and the surrounding area.

Day 6

Page/Lake Powell - Monument Valley

Explore Navajo National Monument, which preserves three of the most intact cliff dwellings of the ancestral Puebloan people. Continue to Monument Valley, made famous by countless Hollywood movies. Spectacular long shades and brilliant red, flaming orange, soft purple and rich gold paint the skies, giving the buttes, spires and mesas of Monument Valley that unique, mythical beauty you will not find anywhere else on earth. Afterwards enjoy a traditional Navajo dinner and entertainment. (D)

Day 7

Monument Valley - Canyon de Chelly

In the morning drive to Canyon de Chelly where you will have time to explore the rim drive with magnificent overlooks into the canyon, before joining a Navajo guided tour of the canyon. (B)

Day 8

Canyon de Chelly - Zuni Pueblo

The only surviving settlement of Coronado’s fabled Seven Cities of Gold, Zuni Pueblo dates its Hispanic influence from 1539 when the first Catholic missionaries arrived. Many traditional ceremonies are open to the public. The Zuni are known for their exquisite jewellery, pottery, kachinas and carved animal fetishes. Day 9-(B)

Day 9

Canyon de Chelly - Zuni Pueblo

See day 8 for more information.

Day 10

Zuni Pueblo - Hopi Reservation - Tuba City

The Hopi Reservation is entirely surrounded by Navajo lands, and the villages are located on the top or at the foot of three mesas - First, Second and Third Mesa, which project out in three fingers from the enormous Black Mesa to the north. Walpi is the most pristine of the Hopi villages, with cliff-edge houses and vast scenic vistas. (B)

Day 11

Tuba City - Grand Canyon

Drive through the Painted Desert as you travel to the Grand Canyon. Words cannot describe the beauty of this wonder. Day 11-(B)

Day 12

Tuba City - Grand Canyon

See day 11 for more information.

Day 13

Grand Canyon - Las Vegas

Leave nature behind and return to the lights and sounds of Las Vegas.

Day 14

Grand Canyon - Las Vegas

See day 13 for more information.

Day 15

Las Vegas

Check out and return your rental car to complete your journey.

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