Lively cities, spectacular scenery and outdoor adventures from coast to coast; Canada is a country of wide open spaces, pristine wilderness areas and cultural heritage. Canada’s west contains some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, with harbour front cities, the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, bear watching and the Yukon. 

When to Visit

A year round destination, Canada's magnificent scenery and cultural treasures welcome visitors especially during summer. Fall (Autumn) particularly during September and October, offers stunning colour across the country.


WILDLIFE Canada offers many opportunities for wildlife viewing. See belugas, orca and bowhead whales, caribou and moose in their natural environment. View grizzly and black bears as they feast on salmon or observe polar bears at close range.

RAIL JOURNEYS Travel along Canada’s famous ‘ribbons of steel’ and experience remarkable landscapes that come alive with rushing rivers, mountain peaks, and profuse wildlife. An exhilarating way to discover the true character of this country.

EVENTS & FESTIVALS Canada is well known for amazing festivals and events, and is home to “the Greatest Show on Earth”, the Calgary Stampede, a popular event held every summer for over 100 years.

MEET THE LOCALS Whether eating your way around Vancouver on a food truck excursion or visiting indigenous communities in the Arctic, the locals you meet along the way will be the highlight of your Canadian experience.

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Useful Information


The following information is intended as a guide only and in no way should it be used as a substitute for professional medical advice relative to a travellers individual needs and vaccination history. No guarantee is made as to its accuracy or thoroughness. For further information, please contact The Travel Doctor on (+64) 9 373 3531. Frequent travellers or those intending a long stay overseas should consider vaccination against Hepatitis B. Vaccination against rabies should be considered for all travellers spending extended periods of time in Canada. All travellers should be up to date with their routine "background" vaccinations, including a recent annual Influenza vaccination. Please consult a medical practitioner or contact The Travel Doctor for your specific risk to these preventable diseases and the appropriate avoidance measures. New Zealanders travelling to Canada should ensure that they have adequate travel insurance to cover the length of their stay.


Electrical plug type: American (some Japanese) Voltage: 110-120 volts (New Zealand 240 volts) Modem plug type: American (same as New Zealand) Source: Korjo Travel Products. Please view the Korjo adapter guide at for further information on this matter.


Country Code for Canada: +1 Offical Travel Advice: Visit Directory Information: 411 Emergency Services: 911


Retail Shopping Hours. You'll enjoy convenient shopping hours across Canada with many stores open from 9:00 or 10:00 am to 6:00 pm seven days a week. City stores and suburban shopping centers are also open until 9:00 pm on several weeknights, particularly on Thursday and Friday. Sunday ShoppingSunday shopping is permitted in all provinces and territories across Canada. Some store owners may choose not to open on Sunday so call ahead before you set out on your shopping excursion.


Tipping is practiced in Canada in a similar manner to United States. Quebec provides alternate minimum wage schedule for all tipped employees. Some other provinces allow alternate minimum wage schedule for "liquor servers". It is a common practice in restaurants to have servers share their tips with other restaurant employees, a process called "tipping out. Workers who receive tips are legally required to report the income to the Canada Revenue Agency and pay income tax on it.

Getting around

Many Canadian cities have clean and efficient public transit systems that make it easy and exciting to explore cities on a flexible schedule.Buses account for most of the fleets, but there are also streetcars, trolleys, sea buses, and trains. Major Canadian cities that offer subway, metro or light rapid transit service include Vancouver (SkyTrain), Calgary (CTrain), Edmonton (LRT), Toronto (subway), Ottawa (O-Train) and Montréal (metro).


English 68%, English and French 17.5%, French 13%, neither English or French 1.5%.


Official travel advice regarding visas is available by calling 04 439 8000 or visiting their website


The ethnic diversity of Canada means that rules of social propriety are quite complex. There are certain general expectations. Greeting, except in formal settings, does not require touching in the form of embraces or handshakes. Behavior in public should be subdued. Rowdiness and loud speech, for example, are considered inappropriate except under special circumstances or in places such as bars or other venues. As a community, Canadians are in general soft spoken, patient, and almost apologetic in their public behavior. They are also in general tolerant of the complex network of cultural differences in public behavior, more so in cities perhaps, where such diversity is more common place.