This is a comprehensive journey through the highlights of Peru, the cultural heart of South America. Discover the pristine wilderness of the Amazon rainforest, immerse yourself in the rich history of colonial Lima, explore the markets and ruins of Cusco, and the Lost City of the Incas, mystical Machu Picchu.

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Discover the extraordinary wildlife and wilderness of the Peruvian Amazon.

Enjoy cooking demonstrations, make local dishes, taste local produce, and savour Peruvian gastronomy.

Explore majestic Lake Titicaca and visit the man-made floating reed islands of the Uros Indians.

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Day by day Itinerary

Authentic Peru

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Day 1


Welcome to Lima, Peru’s vibrant capital! Upon your arrival at the airport, our private transfer will be waiting to whisk you away to your hotel. An original republican house from the 1920’s, Hotel Villa Barranco has been restored with great care, respecting the original architecture and art.

Day 2


Discover Lima's creative essence in Barranco, the city's artistic hub. Explore its colonial mansions, hidden plazas, and cultural vibrancy with an expert guide. Stroll along the "malecon" and the iconic "Bridge of Sighs" while learning about the neighbourhood's bohemian history. Enjoy a coffee break at a local spot, mingling with locals.

Visit the renowned Victor Delfin House and Art Studio, a Peruvian artist's haven. Marvel at his work and, if you're lucky, catch a glimpse of the artist in action. 

Next, shift your focus to modern Lima's panoramic views and journey to the Historic Centre, where the city's colonial history comes to life. The Main Square, surrounded by historic landmarks, tells stories of the past. In the Lima Art Museum (MALI), you'll find centuries of Peruvian art, from ancient to contemporary. (B)

Day 3

Lima – Amazon Lodge

Today, your journey shifts as you fly to Puerto Maldonado, gateway to Peru's the Amazon rainforest. Discover the jungle's natural beauty on a boat ride along the Madre de Dios River to your destination, Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion. This hidden oasis became the first Peruvian enterprise declared carbon neutral in 1989, actively combating deforestation and preserving over 10,000 hectares of virgin rainforest.

After lunch, your Amazon adventure begins with guided excursions led by expert Inkaterra guides. Choose immersive walks along the Concepcion trails, encountering towering trees and exotic wildlife. As dusk falls, embark on a Twilight River excursion to witness the rainforest's transition from day to night, revealing its nocturnal inhabitants, including nightjars, owls, and lurking caimans along the riverbanks. End the day with an Amazonian-inspired dinner surrounded by the enchanting sounds of the jungle. (B)(L)(D)

Day 4

Amazon Lodge

Awaken to the mystical sounds of the rainforest and embrace the day’s adventures. Venture to Lake Sandoval, a glassy ox-bow lake surrounded by picture-perfect palms. Paddle quietly in a dug-out wooden canoe, in awe of the endangered giant river otters, red howler monkeys, and colourful birdlife that call this serene lake home.
The afternoon brings an exhilarating experience as you explore the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway. This network of hanging suspension bridges is an initiative in biodiversity conservation, designed to study wildlife in the rainforest canopy. Ascend to the first vertiginous tower, where toucans, woodpeckers, and monkeys might greet you with their vibrant presence. (B)(L)(D)

Day 5

Amazon Lodge

Continue your Amazon adventure as you journey to a native farm for a fascinating exploration of the rainforest’s agro diversity. Immerse yourself in the sights and scents of the Amazon as you learn about the cultivation of exotic fruits and vegetables, essential to the livelihood of local communities. Discover why the rainforest is referred to as the world’s largest pharmacy, as you learn about the medicinal properties of the region’s abundant flora.
After lunch enjoy a relaxing dugout canoe ride where you’ll have an opportunity to try native fishing as you enjoy the scenery and observe the local fauna including hoatzins, gray necked wood-rails and a diversity of fly catchers. Later, participate in the inland collpa, where you’ll observe the night routines of the wildlife at one of the area’s famous clay licks from behind the blinds, which were designed to observe the normal routine of the fauna without disrupting the environment. (B)(L)(D)

Day 6

Amazon Lodge – Sacred Valley

Embrace your last morning in the unspoiled beauty of Inkaterra Hacienda Concepcion. After a hearty breakfast, bid farewell to this mystical realm and embark on a boat transfer back to Puerto Maldonado airport, to board your flight to Cusco, cherishing the memories of your Amazonian odyssey. Upon arrival in Cusco, embark on a scenic journey to the Urubamba Valley, the “Sacred Valley of the Incas”. Relax at your hotel in the Sacred Valley and enjoy the afternoon at leisure. (B)  

Day 7

Sacred Valley

Embark on a day of exploration in the captivating Sacred Valley. Begin in Chinchero, a village with deep weaving roots, where you will witness skilled artisans demonstrating loom techniques and natural wool dyeing. Explore the 15th-century archaeological site in Chinchero, where Andean and Spanish influences meet, including a colonial church.

Stop at the Racchi lookout for stunning Sacred Valley views before enjoying lunch at AMA, a local restaurant that empowers marginalised communities through job opportunities and training. Local single mothers prepare homemade meals using traditional techniques and local ingredients. After lunch, explore traditional handicrafts, crafted by women weavers from remote Andean mountain communities, promoting ancestral techniques and fair compensation.

The journey culminates in Ollantaytambo, known as the Living Inca Town. This enchanting place holds profound archaeological significance, a majestic fortress, and streets preserving an authentic Inca layout, making it the only inhabited site with its original Inca design. (B)(L)

Day 8

Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu

Transfer to Ollanta Station for a thrilling full-day Machu Picchu adventure aboard the Inca Rail train. Embark on a scenic train ride to the charming town of Aguas Calientes, nestled amidst the majestic Andean mountains. As you arrive at Machu Picchu, be prepared to be mesmerised by the awe-inspiring beauty of this ancient wonder.

Guided by knowledgeable experts, uncover the mysteries and history of this extraordinary Inca citadel. Amidst the breathtaking vistas, capture memories that will last a lifetime. Complete your Machu Picchu experience with an overnight stay in Aguas Calientes, nestled along the banks of the Urubamba River. (B)(L)(D)

Day 9

Machu Picchu – Cusco

The morning at leisure provides an opportunity to bask in the tranquillity of Machu Picchu before bidding farewell to this mystical place. This afternoon board the train for your journey back to Cusco and transfer to your hotel.

Considered part of the cultural heritage of Cusco, Costa del Sol Hotel is a beautifully restored 17th century colonial-era mansion. A Wyndham hotel, they are part of the Wyndham Green Certification Program and have implemented a sustainable policy reducing single-use plastic, recycling, minimising water use and improving energy efficiencies. (B)

Day 10


Today, delve deeper into the heart of Cusco. Your journey begins at the Koricancha Temple, an ancient Inca palace and a sacred centre dedicated to the Sun God. Marvel at the harmonious blend of Inca and Spanish colonial architecture. Embark on a journey to the impressive Sacsayhuaman Fortress, an awe-inspiring example of Inca military architecture. Marvel at the colossal stone walls, seamlessly fitted together like a puzzle, and imagine the mastery and engineering prowess of the Incas.

Your journey takes you to the Q’enqo archaeological site, where important Inca ceremonies once took place. The site’s intricate carvings and underground chambers add to its mystique and cultural significance. Conclude your day with a visit to the main square, Plaza de Armas, where the iconic Cusco Cathedral stands tall, showcasing exquisite colonial art and sacred artifacts. (B)

Day 11


Discover Mama Seledonia's unique culinary experience, where passion meets exceptional cuisine. Led by founder and executive chef Seledonia Montalvo, her team crafts exquisite dishes and delivers exceptional service. Mamá Seledonia goes beyond the kitchen, offering employment opportunities to talented single mothers from underserved communities.

Embark on a thrilling gastronomic tour of the local Cascaparo market, acquainting yourself with Cusco's indigenous ingredients. Handpick your favourites and then join Seledonia's kitchen to craft your chosen dishes. Savor a transformative tasting experience that not only satisfies your palate but also makes a meaningful impact on lives.

 The rest of the day is at leisure to continue exploring the charming city on your own (B)(L)

Day 12

Cusco - Puno

This morning you'll depart from Cusco to begin your journey across the Altiplano to Puno, enjoying the magnificent scenery of the valley south of Cusco along the way. Your first stop will be at Andahuaylillas, which has a beautiful 17th Century church featuring an impressive organ decorated with angels and cherubs. You'll then visit the ruins at Raqchi, also known as the "Temple of Wiracocha.” Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before continuing your journey. Your last stop will be La Raya, the highest point on the road between Cusco and Puno, from where there will be excellent photo opportunities. (B)(L)

Day 13


Embark on a captivating voyage that delves into the heart of Lake Titicaca's vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes. Navigate to the enchanting floating Uros Islands. As you step onto the man-made floating reed islands of the Uros Indians you’ll be transported back in time to a culture that has thrived here for millennia. Meet these resilient islanders, descendants of the first Altiplano inhabitants who still live on totora reed platforms.

Explore Taquile Island where the islanders still live according to the traditions and beliefs of their ancestors and are world renowned for their outfits and extraordinary textiles. Experience a traditional Guatia, a culinary marvel, where a blend of tubers is cooked in ancestral earth ovens, which we will get to taste right after, still warm, along with chicken and the local delicacy – trout. (B)(L)

Day 14

Puno – Juliaca Airport

Your journey ends with a transfer to the airport. (B)

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