The most spectacular phenomenon on earth, the Aurora Borealis, will embrace you in all its majesty during this Aurora Borealis package on Blachford Lake. Nothing can rival the experience of watching the Aurora Borealis.  Awash in vibrant colours, these northern lights dance across the sky.

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Why We Love It

The opportunity to take part in an authentic northern winter activity each day, including ice fishing and igloo building.

The various ways you can experience the Aurora – base yourself on the frozen lake, gather around a camp fire, or in a tipi!

Try Tire sur la neige – maple sugar on snow. Guides will pour maple syrup onto the snow to turn it into a toffee-like treat.

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Day by day Itinerary

Blachford Lake Lodge

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Day 1

Yellowknife - Blachford Lake Lodge

Your Aurora adventure begins in Yellowknife where you meet at the ski plane base for a briefing before you embark on your thrilling 30 minute flight to the lodge.

Blachford Lake Lodge is located in the rugged wilderness of Northern Canada, in superb Aurora-watching country.  The lodge lies below the Auroral oval, the enormous band of energy that circles the north magnetic pole. Here in Canada’s wilderness, you are as close to the Aurora as any earthbound spectator ever gets. Many miles from roads, the lodge nonetheless provides many of the benefits of a luxury hotel, with the priceless addition of a pristine wilderness environment, unpolluted by artificial light or noise, the perfect setting for watching the Aurora Borealis. (D)

Day 2

Blachford Lake Lodge

There are plenty of activities available at the lodge. You have the opportunity to use the seasonal equipment such as snowshoes, cross-country skis, skates, ice-fishing equipment and you can participate in a two hour guided interpretive experience per day.

These guided experiences include sustainable initiatives at Blachford Lake Lodge, aurora photography tips, ice-fishing, snow sculpting, quinzee/igloo building, Tire sur la neige (maple sugar on snow) and an introduction to cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. 

Each night after dinner find your spot for aurora viewing. The choice is yours, view from the special decks around the lodge; the frozen lake for a spectacular 360° panorama, from a traditional tipi, gather around a camp fire, even from your bed or the outdoor hot tub.  (B)(L)(D)

Day 3

Blachford Lake Lodge

Each Aurora show is unique. The Aurora often occurs as curtains, parallel rays that fold and ripple as they swirl across the sky. Sometimes the lights move with incredible speed, and sometimes they hover lazily in great arcs. They might appear as ghostly wisps of green that suddenly burst into a crown of giant spokes. Once in a while all these patterns are displays in a variety of colours at one time - a truly mind-blowing experience. (B)(L)(D)

Day 4

Blachford Lake Lodge - Yellowknife

Travel by ski plane back to Yellowknife. (B)

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