Cruise along the Kumai River through dense jungle filled with primates such as orang-utans, proboscis monkeys, macaques, leopards, lizards and more than 250 bird species. Observe orangutan feeding at Camp Leakey, an active research facility which conducts important studies into local flora and fauna. Travel by traditional Klotok, or riverboat, to visit a local riverside village and learn more about the local culture.

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Why We Love It

A chance to see Orangutans and other fauna in the wild

Cruise through Tanjung Puting National Park on a traditional Klotok, or riverboat

Visit a local village by the river and learn more about the local culture

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Day by day Itinerary

Kalimantan Orangutans by Houseboat

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Day 1

Pangkalanbun – Kumai River

Welcome to Pangkalanbun, the entry point to central Kalimantan.
Upon arrival at Pangkalanbun Airport you will be greeted by your local guide and transferred to the Kumai port to board local Klotok boat for a scenic journey along the Kumai and Sekonyer River.
Start your cruising first on the wide Kumai River before entering the much smaller Sekonyer River that marks the border of the Tanjung Puting National Park. The lush vegetation along the river bank first consists of Nipa palm (a palm tree only found near estuaries as they grow in salty water), slowly replaced by Pandans trees.
While cruising through Tanjung Puting National Park, you can spot many wild tropical animals because this area is notable for the ecologically and biologically diverse areas with mangrove swamps, rain forest and dense jungles filled with primates such as orang-utans, proboscis monkeys, macaques, leopards, lizards and more than 250 bird species.
Overnight at local riverboat. (L) (D)

Day 2

Camp Leakey

After breakfast on board your local Klotok boat you start cruising upstream the Sekonyer River towards Camp Leakey.
Continue the cruising until we reach Camp Leakey the most famous place for orangutan research in the world. Over the years as many as 200 orangutans were gradually reintroduced to the wild since the camp was founded in 1971. Today the camp only operates as a feeding platform but orangutans are still fed and medically monitored by the local rangers. 

There are only 3 feeding platforms in Tanjung Puting providing supplementary food to the orangutans so that they do not remain wholly dependent on the feeding sites and are instead encouraged to get their own food in the jungle. Most of the orangutans in the park are born in the wild and the ones that do come to the feeding sites are generally mothers with young offspring and animals that have been recently released.
Disembark at Camp Leakey for a short walk along a wooden pontoon then following a jungle path with a chance to observe more wild animals along the way: gibbons, long tail macaque as well as wild pigs.
Feeding at Camp Leakey is taking place daily when rangers bring bananas or other fruits to wooden platforms inside the jungle.  Slowly many Orangutans start coming down: Watching them going from branch to branch sometimes high up in the trees with agility and grace really is an unforgettable experience. The orangutans may come to the platform from anywhere in the jungle with the dominant male usually always coming first and followed by females coming one after the other with their offspring.
Return to the boat and continue on your journey. At this time of the day many proboscis monkeys, an endemic species of Kalimantan and easily recognizable by their long red nose, are coming close to the river banks to spend the night in large groups hanging in the trees 
You also have a good chance to watch wild Orangutans coming down to the riverside to pick up the fruit of the pandan trees, one of their favourite foods. (B) (L) (D)

Day 3

Pondok Tanguy - Tanjung Harapan

Today you will enjoy another full day trip around the jungles and explore 2 other feeding platforms inside Tanjung Puting National Park.
Back on board and cruise upstream for about 1 hour to reach Pondok Tanguy, the 2nd feeding center of orangutans.
After spotting the Orangutans at this 2nd platform, return to the boat and cruise downstream to Pasalat Rainforest station where several institutions and NGO’s are working on conservation efforts with a strong focus on reforestation in order to preserve the natural habitat of Orangutans.
Back to your Klotok for cruising down to Tanjung Harapan Camp where you will visit the 3rd and least visited of the 3 orangutan feeding platforms in the National Park. 
Back on board for a short crossing to Harapan village one of the only settlements along the river. Take a walk through this village to watch the Malayan families and their daily activities.

Day 4


After breakfast on board, cruise back to Kumai and transfer by private vehicle to Pangkalanbun airport for your onward flight to your next destination (B)

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