Warmed by the waters of the Gulf Stream, Canada’s east coast comes alive in springtime. Trees and flowers burst into bloom, marine mammals are on the move, and seabirds flock in the thousands. Centuries of overlapping culture—Mi’kmaq, Acadian, English, Scottish, Irish, and French—have left their mark on the landscapes here. Rugged forts, quaint towns, rustic villages, and remote islands dot the coastlines.

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Why We Love It

Visit the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site of Lunenburg

Set foot on remote Sable Island, home to a legendary herd of wild horses

Hike the Skyline trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park

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Day 1

St. John's - Saint-Pierre

Travel to Saint-Pierre by charter flight where ou will board the Ocean Endeavour.

Day 2

Cape Breton Island

Visit the fishing village of Cheticamp to experience their Acadian heritage. Hike the magnificent Skyline Trail renowned for stunning scenery and wildlife.

Day 3


Visit the historic fortress of Louisbourg, where the English and French colonial powers struggled for control .

Day 4

South Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s southwestern coast provides habitat for seabirds and marine mammals in abundance. We’ll be seeking opportune sea and weather conditions to observe the wildlife in this region.

Day 5

Bay of Fundy

The rugged coastline of the Bay of Fundy is world-famous for its world-record high tides; here the waters of three rivers join the Fundy tides. The Fundy Isles—Campobello, Grand Manan, and Deer Island—are an archipelago at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. Birdwatching, marine mammals, and scenery—as well as the famous Fundy tides—round out the attractions.

Day 6

Bay of Fundy

Spend time in the Bay of Fundy.

Day 7


Visit the port of Lunenburg which once harboured a fleet of sailing vessels, including the famous Bluenoce. Old Town Lunenbug was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.

Day 8

Sable Island

A sandbar as long as Manhattan—but only about a kilometre wide—Sable Island is home to many varieties of birds, including the endemic Ispwich sparrow, hundreds of grey seals, and the world-famous Sable Island horses.

Day 9

Bay of Fundy

Spend time in the Bay of Fundy.

Day 10

Gully Marine Protected Area

En route to Newfoundland, join our wildlife spotters on deck, watching for seabirds and marine mammals. We will be crossing The Gully, a Marine Protected Area where the sea floor suddenly drops a dizzying two and a half kilometres into a submarine valley. The Gully is one of the most prominent undersea features in eastern Canada and its unique ecology has attracted the interest of many agencies, such as Parks Canada and Environment Canada. 

Day 11

St. John's

Conclude your journey in St. John's where you will disembark.

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