Special Interest Journeys - Part 2:

13/02/2015 | Published 3 months ago

Furthering a passion for a particular subject you may have through travel – and along the way meeting others who share that special interest – has to be one of the best ways to experience the world. Some people crave getaways that simply allow them to relax, while others want a journey filled with adventure and activities. But travelling to sharpen skills and gain knowledge is now high on the agenda for many seasoned travellers, and let’s face it, the best of the best in whatever area holds your interest, might only be discovered abroad. 

So to satiate those yearning for an adventure into a realm they are passionate about, Adventure World has launched a series of Special Interest Journeys, where a top expert or a journey manager in that specialised field accompanies travellers to educate and inspire. The twelve journeys are about the uncovering of places, people and knowledge, and were created with extreme care to reflect the passion that the travellers embarking on them have for their favourite subjects. The people who sign up for these special journeys will no doubt be as colourful and interesting as the experts and itineraries themselves.

Ancient Wonders, Modern Highlights – South American Astronomy

Unlock the secrets of astronomy and learn how this astonishing area of study shaped the history and culture of South America. This mind-boggling 18-day journey blends modern astronomical discoveries with ancient Incan wonders, with visits to observatories and sites that still cause debate among the world’s great scholars. The ambassador for this adventure is David Malin, one of Australia’s most-loved astronomers and the author of over 100 peer reviewed scientific papers. Spend some one-on-one with this passionate academic, discovering the wonders of South America and astronomy during an exploration that will leave your mind thirsting for more. From the ancient ruins at Pachacamac and Sechin in Peru, to observing the sunrise and sunset at Chankillo’s solar observatory, and spending time at both the El Pangue Observatory and Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile, this trip-of-a-lifetime will challenge and inspire.




Active Adventure 

If your idea of the perfect journey is combining fitness, fresh produce and exploration, this adrenalin-pumping 8-day adventure based on the island paradise of Phuket is bound to put your heart and mind into the right gear. Healthy food and sessions of kayaking, running, pilates, yoga, boxing circuits, water and meditation are all a part of this journey designed to train the body and the mind. The ambassador guiding this special journey is Edwina Griffin, who has extensive experience in the science of well-being, specialising in training the body and mind for health and happiness. The trip also takes in cultural and historical highlights, mixed with plenty of fresh, traditionally prepared food. One of the many highlights of this journey is a two-day kayaking excursion to Phang Nga Bay to explore caves and paddle to Hong Island. Not only will those on this journey come home healthy and refreshed, they’re sure to be sporting a more toned physique.



Mind, Body, Soul

Ommmmmm. Upon return from this special journey through India – a land renowned for its mysticism, chaotic fervor and fascinating arrays of religion – you will be very familiar with this soothing chant. But by then you’ll also be referring to it by its proper term – a sacred mantra. This journey will focus on balancing the mind, body and soul, and the spiritually charged guru on board for guidance is Suze Plenkovich – an art and yoga teacher, and a woman who knows how important it is to get your inner Chi in order. Beginning in the vibrant hub of Delhi, the journey takes guests through Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi and to a city considered the world’s capital of yoga – Rishikesh. From yoga and meditation sessions set in some of India’s most spectacular locations to experiencing a traditional ‘jyotisha’ session and viewing sacred sunset rituals and Hindu Aarti ceremonies at Varanasi, this 15-day journey is sure to change your perspective and even your life. After all, spending two nights in an Indian Ashram on the banks of the River Ganges in the Himalayan foothills is not something many people in this busy world have put aside the time to do. Om.



French Language and Culture

Parles-vous Francais? Well you will do a lot more when you return from this 11-day special journey aimed at immersing travellers in all things French. Take in the delights of Paris (which Ernest Hemingway rightfully called a ‘moveable feast’), the French Riviera, glamorous Cannes, Nice and Aix en Provence – where legendary Cezanne lived. Eat and cook like the French, eating your way through demonstrations and cooking classes led by local chefs that will also test your local language skills. The special journey will also continually polish your cultural and romantic inclinations, and see you visiting a French artist’s studio in Paris’ Montemarte, a perfume factory in Grasse for a session in the fine art of perfumery, attending French theatre and watching local movies. Then be plunged in the deep end by spending a night with a French family intent on making you one of their own. Or at least sound like one. To assist with learning, the manager on this cultural adventure will conduct the journey in the French language, but they are also fluent in English, so no one will leave without being turned into somewhat of a Francophile.


Italian Language and Culture

Venice – a city listed in its entirety as a World Heritage Site – is the romantic, cultural hub from which travellers embark on this indulgent journey through a country globally renowned for its food, wine, fashion, family life and well, love and passion. Over 14 days, guests will no doubt improve on their Italian language skills as the journey manager will conduct the trip in Italian. But fear not, they also speak fluent English. In Venice, take a ride in a gondola, see Mozart’s famous residence, dine on traditional Venetian food and converse with the locals at both markets and restaurants. Visit a raw ham farm in Montangana, discover cheese and wine in the Euganean Hills, go behind the scenes at Illy’s University of Coffee in Trieste, take a pasta-making course in Bologna and set off on a treasure hunt to seek out gourmet gems in the heart of Florence’s old town. And if that’s not enough to have you turning Italiano, have dinner with an Italian family to witness firsthand how food and wine in this country brings family and friends together.



Spanish Language and Culture

Learning the Spanish language is to take a step closer to understanding the passions, lifestyle, history and culture of the Peruvian people. This 14-day special journey weaves its way through Peru, beginning in Lima and then delving into a Latin American wonderland, taking in Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Aguas Calientes, Puno and Lake Titicaca. The journey manager will conduct the trip in Spanish, however because they also speak fluent English, there will be no problems with those who are still beginners. From culinary experiences such as cooking with Spanish chefs, to explorations of colonial architectural jewels and mystical catacombs, travellers are bound to absorb as much culture and history as they do of the Spanish language. Conversing with locals at markets; meeting people in artistic communities where loom weaving, pottery and woodworking can be observed; visiting local schools and even taking part in an Incan treasure hunt are all a part of this enlightening odyssey. And after spending two days living alongside the traditional Anapia Island community, living on Lake Titicaca, guests will have no doubt picked up more than a few Spanish idiosyncrasies by the time they head back to Lima. 



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