Lock eyes with a Polar Bear in Churchill:

14/02/2014 | Published 6 months ago

Be one of the privileged few travellers who can say they’ve locked gazes with the mighty Polar Bear.

Known by Eskimos as "Nanook", which means "ever-wandering one", Polar Bears are best viewed over the months of July, August, October and November from the remote Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Canada. Every year, polar bears congregate in large numbers, waiting for the ice to form on Hudson Bay.
Tundra Buggy Chart
Travel by Tundra Buggy is essential for those wanting to view these magnificent creatures in the wild. The “Tundra Buggy”, as it is known, is more than just a buggy; it’s a specially designed, all-terrain vehicle enabling you to view wildlife in their natural environment in complete safety.

Venturing out on a set of established trails to minimise the impact on the tundra (a vast, flat, treeless region), the Tundra Buggy will take you into areas with a high probability of wildlife sightings.

What makes the AdventuTundra Buggyre World’s Polar Bears and Tundra Buggy experience so unique is the service we’re able to provide. Our interpretive drivers are experienced tour leaders and passionate adventurers who are knowledgeable about the tundra ecosystem and are skilled at positioning the Tundra Buggy for optimal photography opportunities and wildlife viewing.

This experience is truly extraordinary. Speak to our team of experts you’ll get an idea of the adventure that awaits you!

AUTHOR: Louise Owens, Adventure World.

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