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06/03/2015 | Published 6 months ago

UPDATED 06/03/2015

The winners of the National Geographic World Legacy Awards were announced at a ceremony at ITB in Berlin on 5 March. 

Adventure World would like to congratulate the winners in each of the five categories for their work in supporting sustainable tourism.

Earth Changers

Winner - Orange County Luxury Resorts, India
Runners-Up: Nikoi Island, Indonesia and The Brando, French Polynesia

Sense of Place

Winner - Cavallo Point Lodge, United States
Runners-Up: Fogo Island Inn, Canada and Gwaii Hannas National Park Reserve, Canada

Conserving the Natural World

Winner: Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile
Runners-Up: andBeyond, Africa & Asia and Conservation Ecology Centre, Australia

Engaging Communities

Winner: Tropic Journeys in Nature, Ecuador
Runners-Up: Feynan Ecolodge, Jordan and Mukul Resort, Nicaragua

Destination Leadership

Winner: Aruba
Runners-Up: Delaware North, Yosemite and Val d'Aran, Spain

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The National Geographic World Legacy Awards are a showcase of operators and organisations that can be a part of your next Adventure World experience.

The National Geographic Society and ITB Berlin will be announcing the winners of the World Legacy Awards, which is sponsored by Adventure World in conjunction with the Treadright Foundation, at the World Legacy Awards Ceremony in Berlin in March 2015.

Fifteen finalists in the inaugural National Geographic World Legacy Awards were announced at the ITB Singapore in October 2014. The finalists consist of travel companies, organisations and destinations that are driving positive transformation of the global tourism industry, ranging from historic monuments to eco-lodges, small islands and even entire countries.

Six continents and 56 countries were represented in the 150 or more entries received, with 18 judges who are experts in sustainable travel choosing fifteen finalists across five categories. Those judges are currently conducting on-site locations of the finalists in order to reach a decision by early 2015.

There are five categories in the awards:

  1. Earth Changers’ recognises cutting-edge leadership in environmentally friendly business practices and green technology;
  2. Sense of Place’ recognises excellence in enhancing sense of place and authenticity;
  3. ‘Conserving the Natural World’ recognises outstanding support for the preservation of nature and the restoration of natural habitat;
  4. Engaging Communities’ recognises direct and tangible economic and social benefits that improve local livelihoods;
  5. Destination Leadership’ recognises destination leadership, including cities, provinces, states, countries and regions that are demonstrating environmental best practices.

Adventure World would like to congratulate the three finalists chosen in each of the five categories, and hopes to work with many more of the companies, organisations and and countries that are dedicated to inspiring people to take care of our incredible planet.

Finalists in Earth Changers

• The Brando luxury eco resort, Tahiti
• Orange County luxury resorts, India
• Nikoi Island, Indonesia

Brando Spa Farenanu at Luxury Eco Resort

Finalists in Sense of Place

• Fogo Island Inn, Canada
• Cavallo Point, the lodge at the Golden Gate, USA
• Gwaii Haanas National Reserve, Canada

Fogo Island Inn, Canada

Finalists in Conserving the Natural World

• Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile
• &Beyond, East and Southern Africa
• The Conservation Ecology Centre, Australia.

The Conservation Ecology Centre, Australia

Finalists in Engaging Communities

• Feynan Ecolodge, Jordan
• Mukul Resort, Nicaragua
• Tropic Journeys in Nature, Ecuador Finalists in Destination Leadership
• The Aruba Tourism Board, The Caribbean
• Delaware North Yosemite, USA
• Val d’Aran, Spain.

Feynan Ecolodge, Jordan

Costas Christ, chairman of National Geographic World Legacy Awards commented: “Sustainable tourism is evolving from a niche trend to a true global transformation of how the travel and tourism industry operates and what impacts it has on the people and places that travelers visit. The World Legacy Awards are about celebrating that transformation, pushing it to the cutting edge of leadership today, as represented by these 15 finalists and others around the world who share their passion for doing well by doing good.”

As sponsors of the World Legacy Awards, Adventure World is proud of all fifteen finalists. Adventure World has always had a focus on responsible, sustainable travel, so it’s natural that some of the companies and regions are already working with the company to ensure travellers learn about the world around them as they travel.

Below are just a few of the finalists offering life-changing experiences that can be a part of an Adventure World journey.

Indigenous Island Experience


On a five-day adventure, delve into the ancient islands and traditions of Haida Gwaii in Canada – a region that was formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, situated off the northwest coast of British Columbia. The Gwaii Haanas National Reserve is a finalist in the World Legacy Awards due to the impressive collaboration between Parks Canada and the Indigenous Haida people of British Columbia, which has led to 500 ancient indigenous settlement and sacred sites being profiled. Judges thought that the project, which includes working with Haida elders to record oral histories and protect other cultural traditions, makes for an enriching and authentic travel experience.

Visit Haida Gwaii Cultural Escape to read more about this experience that encapsulates responsible, educational travel:

North American Classic


In the Destination Leadership category, judges loved about The GreenPath program of Delaware North Yosemite, which offers visitors to this iconic destination an experience incorporating five key sustainability indicators — healthy food, healthy living, guest education, environmental stewardship and green operations. Adventure World ensures its guests can experience this region – with its abundance of incredible wildlife and its sprawl of National Parks – while lapping up some luxury in remote lodges filled with character.

Read more about this award-winning National Park Lodges journey:

Patagonian Wonders


The Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve in Chile was a finalist in the category that recognises operations that concentrate on conserving the natural world. In the Andean Patagonian rainforest, Huilo Huilo is a conservation and community development project that has protected more than 247,100 acres of high-biodiversity habitat that was once threatened by the timber industry. The endangered Andean huemul deer and many other extraordinary species live in the protected zone. After visiting the reserve, you could take an 11-day journey through the Chilean and Patagonian fjords to experience more awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife.

View our Patagonia and Chilean tour:

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