In the fierce untameable wilds lies a stark beauty - the wil, remote reaches of the north have a power that is all their own. Join the ranks of the fearless adventurers who have been lured by the Northwest Passage's spirit.

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Join the select few who have travelled this legendary route

Learn about the Inuit communities, culture and worldview firsthand

Photograph birds and wildlife in their remote wilderness habitat

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Day by day Itinerary

The Northwest Passage

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Day 1


Sondre Stronfjord is one of the longest fjords in the world! You may find herds of musk ox, reindeer, arctic foxes as well as peregrine falcons.

Day 2

Siismiut Coast

The coastline is a rich mixture of fishing communities, islands and complex coastal waterways.

Day 3


Venturing north of the Arctic Circle, we cruise the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilussat Ice fjord to one of the fastest moving glaciers in the world.

Day 4

Karrat Fjord

Cruise one of Greenland's most spectacular fjords, known for marine life and inspiring landscapes.

Day 5

Upernavik Fjord

Upernavik's location on a small island facing the open sea makes for breathtaking views.

Day 6

Kap York

The rugged coastal environment at Kap York is rich in wildlife and part of an extensive network of traditional hunting grounds.

Day 7

Smith Sound

Spend a day exploring this fabled body of water that served as the main route for explorers searching for the North Pole.

Day 8

Aujuittuq (Grise Fjord)

In Aujuittuq, Canada's northernmost civilian community, we'll meet with locals and learn about their way of life.

Day 9

Coburg Island

Coburg Island's spectacular seabird cliffs are a designated National Wildlife Area.

Day 10

Devon Island

The largest uninhabited island in the world supports significant concentrations of wildlife.

Day 11

Beechey Island

In 2014, Canadian archaeologists discovered remnants of HMS Erebus in the frozen waters of the Northwest Passage, a discovery that has re-galvanised interested in the fabled region.

Day 12

Bathurst Island

Bathurst Island is a major calving area for the endangered Peary Caribou. Here we find the Polar Bear National Wildlife Area, a migratory route for polar bears.

Day 13

Melville Island

Melville Island is a major breeding ground for a small sea goose, the Western High Arctic Brant, one of the rarest goose stocks in the world.

Day 14

Banks Island

The first grizzly bear hybrid found in the wild, was sighted near Sachs Harbour.

Day 15

Prince of Wales Strait

Prince of Wales Strait is part of the Arctic Ocean, separating Banks and Victoria Islands.

Day 16

Ulukhaktok (Holman)

The large bluff that overlooks Ulukhaktok was the source of the slate and copper used to make ulus - traditional Inuit knives - and gives the community its name.

Day 17

Kugluktuk (Coppermine)

Located at the mouth of the Coppermine River, Kugluktuk is the westernmost community in Nunavut.

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