While the Trans-Siberian railway operates throughout most of the year, what better way to experience Russia than by crossing the Siberian Tundra in winter? After a bit of time to explore Moscow, board the train and begin your journey east. Cross the Ural Mountains into Asia before heading deep into the birch forests and tundra of northern Russia. Encounter locals and the indigenous people who call this remote place home. Visit the shores of the Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest and stop in Ulan-Ude a remote city with Russia’s largest Buddhist population before arriving in Russia’s far eastern gateway of Vladivostock.

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Combine both Europe and Asia in this Trans-Siberian Journey

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Travel over 9,300km and 7 time zones

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Epic Trans-Siberian Journey

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Day 1


Arrive at any time. There are no activities planned until an evening welcome meeting.

Day 2


Enjoy a guided tour of the Kremlin and Armoury. Spend a free afternoon visiting St Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, or exploring the fascinating Moscow metro.

The area around the Red Square is perfect for sightseeing and people watching. Visit one of the many shops, wander the Alexander Gardens, or visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Head down into the metro to explore the beautiful stations or visit another part of the city. 

Day 3

Moscow - Suzdal

Travel to Suzdal, one of the bucolic villages in the Golden Ring. Tour the Kremlin and visit a folk village museum. Opt to taste local mead (honey beer).

With free time, explore the streets of Suzdal, lined with quaint wooden houses, and enjoy relaxing by the river.

The city square is as charming as they come. Wander past the small church and chat with "babushkas" selling pickled cucumbers and mead. (L)

Day 4

Suzdal - Yekaterinburg

Enjoy more time in Suzdal before a drive to nearby Vladimir. Take an orientation walk around the city before boarding a train for the roughly 26hr ride to Yekaterinburg.

Day 5


Enjoy a full day on the train crossing the Ural Mountains and the border between Europe and Asia. Arrive to Yekaterinburg in the evening.

Day 6

Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk

Explore the sights around Yekaterinburg, including the Church of All Saints and the Romanov Burial Site. Enjoy free time in this Soviet-style city before boarding the Trans-Siberian for Irkutsk.

Day 7

Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk

Wake up to the rhythm of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Spend two full days travelling through the SIberian taiga forests. Make some new friends or catch up on your reading list.

Day 8

Yekaterinburg - Irkutsk

See Day 7 for today's itinerary.

Day 9

Irkutsk - Listvyanka

Arrive in the morning to Irkutsk and drive to a small town on Lake Baikal, Listvyanka. Enjoy a guesthouse on the lake and opt to tour the Baikal Limnological Museum or enjoy some relaxing in a banya (Russian sauna). (B)

Day 10


Spend one more day exploring the surrounding countryside of Lake Baikal wiith the options to go for a boat ride (in summer) or take a short hike. (B)(D)

Day 11

Listvyanka - Ulan-Ude

Drive back to Irkutsk for a walking tour of the city including a visit to the fascinating Decembrists Museum where you'll learn about the revolution the city was built on. In the evening hop an overnight train to Ulan Ude.

Day 12


Arrive to Ulan Ude, the city with the largest Buddhist population in Russia. Here, learn about the indigenious people, the Buryats, and how they survive in such a harsh environment. Enjoy a local Buryat lunch. (L)

Day 13


Enjoy free time to explore Ulan Ude.

Day 14

Ulan-Ude - Vladivostok

Board the last train of the trip very early and settle in for the 55 hr ride.

Day 15

Ulan-Ude - Vladivostok

Watch the scenery go by, practice your newly acquired Russian skills, and relax to the rhythm of the train.

Day 16


Arrive in the evening in time for an optional final dinner with the group to recount this truly epic journey.

Day 17


Depart at any time.

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