Explore British Columbia’s Natural Wonders

12 February 2015

A combination of factors make Canada’s British Columbia so alluring to New Zealand travellers.

Marketing Manager of Adventure World NZ, Louise Levesque, says she who has noticed a spike in the number of travellers booking travel to the western coast of Canada over the past couple of years.
 “The region of British Columbia is renowned for unmatched natural beauty. From cosmopolitan cities and spectacular resorts to unspoiled national and provincial parks and a wide range of attractions, wildlife viewing experiences and activities for all ages.”
“That variety and accessibility of British Columbia make the destination an ideal holiday spot for a wide range of clients,” says Levesque.

Much like the British Columbia itself, Adventure World offers a wide array of trips to this stunning region, catering to a range of travel styles. Their range of trips can also be tailor-made to your clients unique travel style.
The Canadian Rockies
The Rockies rise dramatically from their deep valleys and lakes to breathtaking peaks. Travelling along the vast highways that wind between the feet of these giants enables travellers to view the awe-inspiring wilderness up-close. For those wanting experience this breath taking scenery, Adventure World suggests their 14 day Western Canada by Rail journey, priced from $6,495* which allows clients to discover parts of Western Canada only accessible by rail and sea. Journey through coastal and mountain towns on VIA Rail’s “Skeena” scenic train route before circling back around from the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver on-board Rocky Mountaineer.
Great Bear Rainforest
British Columbia’s Central Coast is home to the rare, white-coated “Spirit” or Kermode Bear. Isolated yet authentic wilderness resorts afford adventurers all the comfort, while guided excursions offer intimate encounters with these forest lords in their natural habitat. Get there with the 6 day Great Bear Lodge package priced from $3,669*. Located in the heart of Great Bear Rainforest, your client will stay in this floating lodge surrounded by spectacular scenery and have numerous opportunities for grizzly and spirit bear viewing throughout your stay with a wildlife biologist guide.

Haida Gawaii
Relatively unknown to the New Zealand market, Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, is just off the northwest coast of British Columbia and is becoming increasingly popular for those seeking a cultural experience whilst visiting Canada.  Learn about the history and the culture of the Haida people, explore small villages, visit local Haida artists’ home studios and enjoy a traditional Haida feast in renowned Haida chef Keenawii’s home, with Adventure World’s 7 day Haida Gawaii Cultural Escape priced from $5,195*.
Johnstone Strait
British Columbia waters are home to around 250 resident orcas, which congregate in the Southern Queen Charlotte Sound and Johnstone Strait during the summer months. Possibly no other place on earth boasts such a large number of these beautiful animals.  View orca whales in the wild from your sea kayak, whale watching boat or the pebbled beach of your camp with Adventure World’s 6 day Johnstone Strait Orca Camp priced from $2,309*.

Need more information?
Want to learn more about British Columbia? Adventure World’s team of experts are more than happy to help you.  For more information please feel free to contact them on 0508 496 753 or visit www.adventureworld.co.nz.

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