Our team of experts




Angela Mount


As team leader, Ange has worked with Adventure World for the last 6 years. Her travel highlights include spotting the Big 5 at Kruger National Park, wandering around the majestic Taj Mahal and getting to the peak at Machu Picchu! In 2015, she visited Dubai, Fiji, Melbourne and most recently travelled by luxury train through the Canadian Rockies.

Angela's Contact Details:

Email:   angela.mount@adventureworld.co.nz

Phone:  (09) 539 8133



Robyn Tisdell


As our resident Brit, Robyn started her travel career in luxury travel in the UK before moving to New Zealand this year. Robyn’s travel highlights include her family holidays to Italy, island hopping throughout Philippines, seeing the thousands of temples in Myanmar’s Bagan and now exploring her new home - New Zealand! 

Robyn's Contact Details:

Email:   robyn.tisdell@adventureworld.co.nz

Phone:  (09) 539 8123


James Palmer 


James is British and previously worked for a cultural tour company in London where he developed tours to Asia, Europe and Latin America. He has a passion for gastronomy; from Michelin-star Spanish cuisine to Asian street food and enjoys cooking dishes inspired by his travels.

James's Contact Details:

Email:   james.palmer@adventureworld.co.nz

Mobile:  (09) 539 8132


Sian Sherriff


Having worked in the industry for 15 years, Sian’s love for travel started as a kid on family road trips around NZ. Sian went on her OE at 18, a 9 month trip to Europe turned into 3 years away, returning on a 6 month overland truck journey from Istanbul to Harare through Eastern Africa.

Sian's Contact Details:

Email:   sian.sherriff@adventureworld.co.nz

Mobile:  (09) 539 8132




Adventure World is happy to provide you with an experienced trip escort for your group. 

Thelma Lockery has been escorting groups for over 10 years, and has lead many trips for Adventure World to some unique destinations. She has also taken several Tim Round tours. Thelma has worked in international travel for over 30 years. She has life long experiences in the travel industry, having worked for various airlines both in the office and as a flight attendant. Thelma has visited all 7 continents and has been part of the Adventure World team for 8 years. 

Thelma believes "when I lead escorted tours, I want everyone to identify with each destination on a personal level, leaving with a lifelong impression."