During the French colonial era, Kep was one of the most fashionable resorts in Indochina. It is a much sleepier place these days, but new hotels and restaurants have returned it to something approaching its former glory.

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Kep Coastal Break

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Day 1

Phnom Penh - Kep

Arrive in Phnom Penh for your private transfer to Kep.

Day 2


Today will be your half day cooking class. Grab an apron and start cooking! This hands-on Kep cooking class is sure to please everyone, from the casual foodie to the serious chef. Set amid the gardens of Knai Bang Chatt Resort overlooking the Gulf of Siam, this may be the world’s most scenic cooking class. The hotel’s chef, one of the best in the country, will share his secrets during the three-hour course. Learn about the key ingredients of Khmer cooking, such as locally-grown pepper and pungent, fermented fish paste. Discover an array of new herbs and spices also used in traditional recipes. The chef will then demonstrate the techniques used to prepare classic Khmer dishes. Assist in chopping, pounding, mixing and frying the ingredients. Depending on the market availability, the dishes may include amok, banana flower and green mango salad, pickled lime soup and other Khmer delights. Once the dishes are ready, sit down in the leafy gardens to enjoy the freshly-prepared feast. Wrap up the half day Kep cooking class around noon.

Day 3

Kep - Phnom Penh

Today you return to Phnom Penh to end your short trip. (B)

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