John Muir, America’s most famous and influential naturalist, was so overwhelmed by the grandiose landscape of forested islands and rugged waterfalls of Alaska that he deemed it “hopelessly beyond description”.  It really is something you have to see for yourself!

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Explore Glacier Bay National Park featuring Grand Pacific and Margerie Glaciers

Experience unmatched birding and wildlife viewing with guides.

Kayak, paddle board, and skiff exploration in Port Houghton and Chatham Strait.

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Day by day Itinerary

Exploring Muir’s Wilderness

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Day 1

Juneau – Embarkation

Set sail for Icy Strait!

Day 2

Icy Strait

In some of the richest whale waters of Southeast Alaska, watch for the telltale blow of humpbacks.  Later,  watch the shore for bear sightings as you explore the remote coastline. 

Day 3

Glacier Bay National Park

Covered entirely by ice 200 years ago, discover the glaciological history on a guided hike. Listen for calving ice as you enjoy up-close views at the tidal edges of the Grand Pacific and Margerie Glaciers.   

Day 4

Chatham Strait / Kuiu Island

As you set out exploring this untouched wilderness, take a tally of all that you spy by kayak, paddle board, or skiff.  

Day 5

Thomas Bay

The Coast Mountain Range rises above Thomas Bay, sheltering the glacial landscapes of this remote wilderness. Uncover sea life on a shore walk, or hike inland learning about the rainforest that blankets Southeast Alaska. 

Day 6

​Port Houghton

Port Houghton is synonymous with the wildest Alaskan wilderness.  Hike along a lushly vegetated river, investigate tide pools or kayak along the towering fjord.  

Day 7

Endicott Arm / Fords Terror

Snow covered mountains, glowing blues, and the white thunder of calving ice take your breath away at Dawes Glacier. Navigate ice bergs by skiff as you watch for seals taking respite on the smaller “bergy bits.” 

Day 8


Here your adventure ends upon disembarkment.

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